Formulation of an ellipse using derivatives coordinate functions (part 1)

Recalling derivative coordinate functions When I developed the equation for genetic fractals (paper) , I first defined a “path function”, i.e. an equation that could represent arbitrary curves. This is given as: The notation is slightly different with respect to the paper. is a derivative of the coordinate function and  is a derivative of the…

Introducing: Genetic Agents

I have been developing the theory and implementation of “genetic fractals” since 2010 and have often wondered what the next big step would be. You may not  be familiar with genetic fractals, so here is a short definition:

2D genetic fractals: a Makers Guide

Next article: plotting fractals Having plastered pretty pictures all over the internet and even having a genetic fractal in an art gallery (yes…!), the time must have come to out genetic fractals beyond sharing beautiful maths equations. So here it is, a series on constructing genetic fractals in 2 dimensions. “Why only two?”

4 dimensional genetic fractals

This article was taken without edit from my philosophical blog: and reproduced here for some of its technical relevance. The original article was published on 21 June 2013.

About… (new blog)

I have been sporadically blogging about Genetic Fractals and it is time to create a blog about the nuts and bolts. I will share (new) theory on fractals, genetic fractals and will give examples of their use in design and engineering and possibly other disciplines. Above all, I will post pretty pictures!