Fractal space

This one has been long in the making. Ever since formulating the maths of genetic fractals, I have been wondering about describing fractal space, i.e. the space around fractals. I have just submitted a paper to arXiv which is scheduled to become available in a few days. I will update this article with the link.…

Introducing: Genetic Agents

I have been developing the theory and implementation of “genetic fractals” since 2010 and have often wondered what the next big step would be. You may not  be familiar with genetic fractals, so here is a short definition:

About… (new blog)

I have been sporadically blogging about Genetic Fractals and it is time to create a blog about the nuts and bolts. I will share (new) theory on fractals, genetic fractals and will give examples of their use in design and engineering and possibly other disciplines. Above all, I will post pretty pictures!