2D genetic fractals makers guide (part 2): plotting fractals

Previous article: Implementing the Genetic Equation Next article: Accessory functions In the last post on 2D genetic fractals, we introduced the Genetic Equation without branches and saw that using the driver functions we generate any path that we want. The Excel example was useful for messing around with the driver functions. But for branches, in particular…

Genetic equation in 3D

Update: please refer to this post for a detailed article We can extend the Genetic Equation to higher dimensions. Remember that the two-dimensional exponential form of the Genetic Equation is: Or in trigonometric form:

About… (new blog)

I have been sporadically blogging about Genetic Fractals and it is time to create a blog about the nuts and bolts. I will share (new) theory on fractals, genetic fractals and will give examples of their use in design and engineering and possibly other disciplines. Above all, I will post pretty pictures!