Pseudo quantum computer – home built

A pseudo quantum computer, really? If you know what a quantum computer is than the post title should make you suspicious. Let me explain. The power of a quantum computer comes from its ability to have its cubits in superposition while it is “calculating” a solution. This means that the cubits have all values at…

Exploring the unseen; the story of genetic fractals

Reposted from my design blog. I am preparing an exhibition of genetic fractal art and this is an introduction to this. With genetic fractals I am exploring the process of creation. A process that starts with nothing and evolves into something both beautiful and complex at once. Every artwork of genetic fractals has a clear…

Binary genetic fractals

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time: create the simplest possible genetic fractal based on a binary string. Let me explain. The nice looking fractals I post here and elsewhere are all driven by a genetic sequence. This goes something like: bend to the left by so much

Genetic CNC V0.9

When I started this CNC project, I thought it would be a lot easier than it turned out to be. This is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect. This is a chronic ailment for me – I will head into any subject,

Introducing: Genetic Agents

I have been developing the theory and implementation of “genetic fractals” since 2010 and have often wondered what the next big step would be. You may not  be familiar with genetic fractals, so here is a short definition:

What are Genetic Fractals

Before we look at the genetic aspect, let’s briefly look at traditional fractals. A fractal is a theoretical  object that has infinitely many wiggly bits on its surface and edges. Mathematicians prefer a more rigorous definition involving non-integer dimensions and fractal enthusiasts often

4 dimensional genetic fractals

This article was taken without edit from my philosophical blog: and reproduced here for some of its technical relevance. The original article was published on 21 June 2013.