Fractal space

This one has been long in the making. Ever since formulating the maths of genetic fractals, I have been wondering about describing fractal space, i.e. the space around fractals. I have just submitted a paper to arXiv which is scheduled to become available in a few days. I will update this article with the link.…

Formulation of an ellipse using derivatives coordinate functions (part 1)

Recalling derivative coordinate functions When I developed the equation for genetic fractals (paper) , I first defined a “path function”, i.e. an equation that could represent arbitrary curves. This is given as: The notation is slightly different with respect to the paper. is a derivative of the coordinate function and  is a derivative of the…

Binary genetic fractals

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time: create the simplest possible genetic fractal based on a binary string. Let me explain. The nice looking fractals I post here and elsewhere are all driven by a genetic sequence. This goes something like: bend to the left by so much

G-sound from PMS

After 9 nine months of building the Genetic CNC router in 3 generations, I have finally produced the first non-test cut. A couple of speakers for my workshop to enjoy Spotify when the CNC router isn’t destroying my ears.