Genetic fractal explorer enhanced

Nice hairdo fractal GF

Upon suggestion by one of our blog followers (thanks Ben!), I have enhanced the Genetic Fractal Explorer. There are now a lot of interesting other parameters that you can change.

Relative growth controls growth between two subsequent generations
Branch angle controls the turning of the branches
Zoom zooms in. Since the image is centered on the root, you’ll probably have to adjust the y-offset.
Iterations how far the fractal evolves. Be warned, when you increase this, the refresh can take a long time because the number of calculations increase exponentially. If it gets stuck, just refresh the page and start again.
X-offset Moves the image horizontally
Y-offset Moves the image vertically
Random (!) Varies the branch angle randomly thus simulating real world fractals as we find them in the natural world.
Dragon (!) This is very neat, if I may say so. In stead of having two symmetric branches at each branch point, this value adds an offset to the left branch.

The Genetic Fractal Explorer comes in two versions.

Below are some of the genetic fractals you can make with this. Enjoy!

Regular pythagorean tree fractal fractal-canopy-45 fractal-canopy-branch-45
Regular H-fractal (Space filling on the right) fractal-H-90-b fractal-H-90
Koch curve, Julia set and genetic fractal koch-julia koch-genetic
Cantor Dust genetic fractal and regular dust below cantor dust
Pythagorean genetic tree fractal with random influence of branch angle. random tree fractal - 1 random tree fractal - 2
Julia set of random tree fractals random tree fractal - julia set- 2 random tree fractal - julia set- 1
Dragon fractal dragon fractal 45a dragon fractal 45b
Fern leave fractal dragon fractal 31a dragon fractal 31b
Coral islands fractal dragon fractal 90a dragon fractal 90b
Ice on window fractal dragon fractal 30a dragon fractal 30b
Sail boat fractal Sail fractal a Sail fractal
Feather boa fractal feather boa fractal JS feather boa fractal GF
One sided White Cedar fractal one sided cedar fractal JS one sided cedar fractal GF
Nice hairdo fractal Nice hairdo fractal JS Nice hairdo fractal GF

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