Genetic fractal engineering

One of the main motivations in developing genetic fractals is in their use in systems. A fractal is a peculiar object that branches infinitely many times whilst it is still contained within a boundary. Each of the branches is connected with a root and with each other,

What are Genetic Fractals

Before we look at the genetic aspect, let’s briefly look at traditional fractals. A fractal is a theoretical ¬†object that has infinitely many wiggly bits on its surface and edges. Mathematicians prefer a more rigorous definition involving non-integer dimensions and fractal enthusiasts often

4 dimensional genetic fractals

This article was taken without edit from my philosophical blog: and reproduced here for some of its technical relevance. The original article was published on 21 June 2013.

About… (new blog)

I have been sporadically blogging about Genetic Fractals and it is time to create a blog about the nuts and bolts. I will share (new) theory on fractals, genetic fractals and will give examples of their use in design and engineering and possibly other disciplines. Above all, I will post pretty pictures!