G-sound from PMS


After 9 nine months of building the Genetic CNC router in 3 generations, I have finally produced the first non-test cut. A couple of speakers for my workshop to enjoy Spotify when the CNC router isn’t destroying my ears.

So, I can close the CNC chronicles now. This is now about bringing genetic fractals out of my mind and computer space into the real world where we can touch them. I might slip in the odd thing that has nothing to do with fractals, like this speaker here, but hey. I can.

I was going to write at length about the sense of personal achievement and what an incredible feeling it is to hold this ‘thing’ that was conceived in my mind and produced by a tool I built. Caveman innovation. The end of a long road and the start of a new journey. But I will spare you the philosophy. A picture says it all.

With that, goodbye CNC chronicles and welcome to my Personal Maker Space.


Open for business (again)

bone anenome genetic fractal

I wasn’t sure how I could stay away from this but it had to happen: my work here simply isn’t finished.

Now I need to crunch some thoughts and numbers and pick up the research.


Kind thanks to John Zande who unwittingly reminded me of my cosmic responsibilities.